The moment was difficult, but the movement is forever.

Rodney Alex Mason, III was born July 9, 2016 at 9:23pm.  He weighed 1lb. 8oz. Johnecia carried him for 26 weeks and 4 days....he was born prematurely. Sadly, he passed away on July 21, 2016 from complications due to his prematurity.

His parents, Dr. Rodney and Dr. Johnecia Mason soon realized that grief was love that had no place to go, so they created Rodney's Gift, Inc. Any money donated will continue to support the goals and efforts of this organization listed below.

Since 2017, Rodney’s Gift, Inc has raised over $8,000 for various organizations and presented to legislators in an effort to raise awareness for and around maternal and infant health.

Rodney Alex Mason III Memorial Scholarship
Rodney Alex Mason III "Tre" was born premature and passed away 12 days later; this scholarship in memory of him. As parents with a child in the NICU, we valued the nursing staff's care and attention. Thus, we decided to create this scholarship to provide $1,000 to two students currently enrolled in a nursing program (BSN, MSN), with preference to those specializing in neonatal nursing.

"A Healthy Moment" Education Initiative
Education and awareness are significant factors in decreasing premature births and maternal and infant mortality rates. Rodney's Gift will host a series of workshops, panels, webinars, and lectures that share vital information to those most impacted by this issue and those who make critical decisions concerning maternal and infant health.

We're Here for You
Visiting the NICU can be scary, lonely, expensive, and nerve-wracking. Rodney's Gift knows the importance of having a supportive community surrounding you to ease the NICU journey fears. Thus, we will sponsor activities that assist families during this NICU experience. Activities include but are not limited to delivering tokens of love to mom's and dad's spending Mother's or Father's Day in the NICU. Also, hosting support groups for NICU parents and providing gas cards, Ubers/Lyfts to those facing financial hardship visiting their child.