Rodney's Gift, Inc.

RODNEY’S GIFT is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that has three aims: 1) educate individuals and communities on the benefits of having healthy pregnancies and support research efforts to prevent the birth of unhealthy babies and maternal death 2) provide resources to families that face complicated pregnancies and births, and 3) offer financial scholarships to individuals entering the medical field.

Financial Support

Rodney Alex Mason, III Memorial Scholarship provides financial support to current nursing students that have an interest in pursuing a career as a neonatal nurse.

Familial Care

Providing tangible resources to families while experiencing a NICU stay. These resources can be gas cards, meal vouchers, clothing and other supplies that can help relieve stress from families during this difficult time.

Educational Workshops

Various workshops related to maternal health, prematurity, and self-care for medical professionals.